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I am Jessica, wife to Tony and mom to Gage and Evie. I am an occupational therapist turn stay-at-home mommy. I began wearing Gage as soon as he came home from the hospital and I can't imagine life without a sling. As an OT, I appreciate the developmental benefits for baby. As a mom, I appreciate the convenience of having my baby close and my hands free.

When Gage was little I wore him everywhere in an area where baby wearing is not very common. Now I am wearing Evie, and nearly every time I go out, people ask me about the sling and if I sell them. Now I can say yes! I look forward to helping other moms and dads discover baby wearing!

I tried several other shoulder patterns in slings and none of them were as comfortable and beautiful as the style that I am using for my slings. It fans nicely across the shoulder, distributing baby's weight and making it easier on mom.

I only use aluminum rings from SlingRings.com, which are specifically made for baby carriers. My fabrics are ones I would use to carry my own kids and meet my requirements for beauty and comfort for both mom and baby.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Currently Available fabric

This is what I currently have in stock. I can work with you to get what you want so please don't feel limited by this selection!

Butterflies and Flowers (tail will be lined)- $35

Pink eyelet check- $30

Sunset- $35- "sold" (using it for my own baby girl :) )

Blueberry- $35
Cream and Chocolate-$25
crinkle gauze

Chocolate- $25- SOLD
This is crinkle gauze, but it's heavier than the others

Tangerine- $25
flat gauze
Blue Tie Die- $25
flat gauze

Denim gauze- $25

The looking through Denim Gauze at the light. Gauze fabric is better used for small babies, as it is not as supportive as heavier fabrics.

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